No.Coffee TypeOffer Shipment timeTerms of payment Crop year
1.Guji washed G13.20 USD/LBNovember LC2018
Guji washed G22.70 USD/LBNovember LC2018
Guji sun dry G13.00 USD/LBNovember LC2018
Guji sun dry G41.50USD/LBNovember LC2018
2.Yirgacheffe sun dry G41.40USD/LBNovember LC2018
Sidamo washed G22.20USD/LBNovember LC2018
3.Sidamo sun dry G12.80USD/LBNovember LC2018
Sidamo sun dry G41.25USD/LBNovember LC2018
Lekemt sun dry G41.25USD/LBNovember LC2018
4.Lekemt sun dry G51.00USD/LBNovember LC2018
Djima sun dry G41.30USD/LBNovember LC2018
5.Djima sun dry G41.15USD/LBNovember LC2018

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