As it is known, Ethiopia is origin for Arabica coffee. In Ethiopia, Oromia region is a source of different coffee types like Guji, yirgachefe, Limu, lekemt, Djimma, and Babaka. It covers 60% of the national coffee market share. Majority of coffee exporters are sourcing from this vast region. In Oromia region, west Guji zone is the birthplace for Tamirat Zerihun. In his childhood, he Joined Coffee improvement project (CP) coffee seedling site as a worker. While his coffee love increased and became matured enough, he kickstarted coffee bean cup trade with his initial small finance.  Cup trade is a system of buying a small volume of coffee from children and spouses which is below kgs. Through time, he built his experience and finance which pushed him to be part of the legal coffee traders business. Starting from 1994, he started coffee suppliers business to the national market Auction and ECX.  In his 16 years of vast experience, he achieved a strong financial capacity which led him to build 5 washing and 6 milling stations in Bulehora, Hambela , and Kercha woredas. Together with his coffee business, he is also engaged in constriction and fuel gas station business. These two level coffee business experience and coffee market awareness has transformed him into the massive export market. Tamirat Zerihun is taking part in coffee growing, harvesting and shipment activities. Therefore, one can understand Layo Dacha Coffee Export company is established on strong coffee market experience and financial capacity. The motivation of Layo Decha is to contribute in coffee productivity, shorten value chain, and build sustainable quality, traceable and certified coffee supply system. This operation is being realized by the company’s General Manager who has Agricultural, Economics and project management educational background with 25 years of experience. Out of his 25 years of experience, he has spent 12 years in the international market deal. In addition to this, he is a coffee cuper. Layo Dacha Coffee Export company is the outcome of extended years of experience, capacity, and passion. Therefor, Layo Dacaha is here to serve our esteemed international customers through quality, competitive price and organized logistic. Layo Dacha Coffee Export Company’s working area altitude ranges from 1994- 2500. The company also has a capacity to produce 55 containers of washed coffee and 120 containers sundry coffee.


Company Structure

Company Vision & Mission

Our vision

To be one of the leading and reliable Ethiopian quality, traceable, and certified coffee supplier in 2035.

Our objective

Contribute to productivity, bring improvement of quality and build sustainable and certified coffee supply system in Ethiopia. Specifically, we engage in working more collectively with all actors in the value chain to reduce poverty and improve lively hood while generating hard currency for the national needs. We strive to bring a maximum level of satisfaction and experience among our buyers at all levels.

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