As history tells us Ethiopia is the origin for Arabica coffee. In Ethiopia Oromia region is sources of different types coffee like Guji, yirgachef, Limu, lekemt, Djima , and Babaka. It covers 60 % national market. Majority of coffee exporters are sourcing from this region. TAMERAT ZERIHUN is part of this business starting from his chilled hood. After he finished his primary & junior school Joined CP coffee seedling site as worker. When he grows by age and made his small finance start coffee bean cup trade. Cup trade is buying small volume coffee from children and wives. This is below kgs. Through time he built his experience and finance which pushed him to be part of legal coffee traders business. Starting 1994 he started coffee suppliers business to national market ocution and ECX. In his 16 years’ experience and financial capacity built 5 washing and 6 milling station in Bulehora, Hambela , and Kercha wordas. Said to this coffee business he is working constriction, and Fuel gas station business. These two level coffee business experience and coffee market reform transferred him to the export market. TAMERAT ZRIHUN is part of Ethiopian coffee grow, harvest and shipment. Therefor Layodecha coffee export company established on strong coffee market experience and financial capacity. The motives of Layodecha is all about contributing in coffee productivity, shortening value chain, build sustainable quality, traceable and certified coffee supply system.

Company Structure


Company Visio & Mission

Our vision

To be one of Ethiopian quality, traceable, and certified coffee supplier.

Our objective

Contribute to productivity, Improve quality, and build sustainable and certified coffee supply system.

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